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German Cockroach

German Cockroach - Pest Control Johor CHARACTERISTICS
Size: Color:
About 1/2-inch in length. Brown
It is recognised by the two dark, longitudinal stripes on the "shield" at the front of the body under which the head is located.


The German cockroach is the most prolific breeder among all cockroaches. Each egg capsule can contain up to 40 eggs and development from egg to adult can ocuur in as little as 45 days. Like all cockroaches, it is omnivorous and will eat virtually anything people will and many things we won't.


In homes, the pest will first locate itslef in bathrooms and the kitchen, as close as possible to food and moisture sources. It spends about 80 percent of its time resting in cracks and voids. 

Tips for Control

Control of German cockroaches takes persistence and experience. An infestation can be controlled using over-the-counter products, but homeowners often meet with frustration and call a professioanl company such as Diamond Pest Control.