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Cockroaches infest homes and buildings everywhere around the world. There are about 4,000 species of cockroaches described, but only 1% of them are considered as pests. Most cockroach species that we know are domiciliary pests, or pests in the food outlets.

It is omnivorous and will eat virtually anything people will and many things we won't.

Cockroach thrives in warm, damp environments, such as sewers, steam tunnels, basements, crawl spaces, and boiler rooms. In some places, it will also be found living and breeding outdoors.

Service Provided

The key to control is to find and treat these sources directly. In many cases, the services of a professional company, such as Diamond Pest Control are required to achieve long-term relief.
  • Residual Insecticides
    Residual insecticides are the primary and most popular control method, although baiting is getting increasingly popular. There are many formulations for residual insecticides, including Emulsifiable Concentrate (EC), Wettable Powder (WP), Suspension Concentrate (SC) and Microencapsulated Formulation (ME). Cockroaches come into contact with residual insecticides when they walk upon the treated surfaces.
  • Gel Baits
    Cockroach baits are usually formulated in bait stations or as gel. Unlike residual treatment, baiting is the application of insecticides in limited amounts to areas where cockroaches will forage for food. Due to its limited application, baiting is relatively safer and environmental-friendly than residual treatment. It is also odourless and ready-to-use. Cockroaches that feed on bait will receive a lethal dose and eventually die. This method is extremely useful especially in sensitive environment such as zoos, child-care centres, computer rooms, food preparation outlets, where residual treatment is not allowed or encouraged.


Pest Control Johor | Termite Treatment | Disinfection Services