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The People Behind

The People Behind - Pest Control Johor

The directors of Diamond Pest Control Sdn Bhd started the career with more than 10 years of experience in the pest control industry. Our industry is going through changes at an ever-accelerating pace. Consolidation, regulatory pressure, the green movement, and enhanced customer expectations create at stress in our lives. Our business evolved, but there will always be two constants in our lives. There will always be insects, and people will not want to live with them.

Following a phenomenal business growth rate over the last few years, a dynamic new management team has been appointed to share our commitment to know about new technology and innovation. Our new management team is responsible for all services issues along with the day-to-day running of the pest control and hygienic operations.

By assessing working practice experience and improving staff's technical knowledge, Diamond Pest Control will be ensuring that the company maintains Quality, Responsibility and Service Excellence.

The Management

Under the Pesticides (Pest Control Operator) Rules 2004, a person carrying out any of the activities or engage in the business of applying pesticide to the property of another for hire must possess the relevant licenses issued by the Board.

The Management  - Pest Control Johor

Our Management and Staffs are well aware  about the obligations and the needs to qualify for a license in which examinations are conducted by the Board each year to qualify as a Pesticide Applicator or an Assistant Pesticide Applicator. Beside staff's knowledge, the Directors are well-equipped with the latest technology and knowledge of Operating a Pest Control company. Read more about our Licenses.

The Management  - Pest Control Johor

With knowledge and latest up-to-date equipments, Diamond Pest Control will be able to provide the customers with quality work and satisfying results.

"Let Diamond Pest Control do the job, so you can do yours."

Pest Control Johor | Termite Treatment | Disinfection Services