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Selecting a Pest Control Service Provider is just as important as selecting other professional services such as a lawyer or doctor. Most pest control firms are reliable and legitimate business organizations respected in their communities. DIAMOND PEST CONTROL is your best choice for protection against attacks by unwanted pests, insects and termites.

Diamond Pest Control is a licensed professional Pest Control Service Provider in Malaysia. We are possessed the licenses issued under The Pesticides Board of Malaysia and compliant under Pesticides (Pest Control Operator) Rules 2004.

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A Member Of The Pest Control Association Of Malaysia

Our Pest Control Experts will provide you with a sketch of the building with structural problems and infestations clearly marked. With a little time and a little knowledge, termite damages can be avoided and to put you at ease from unwanted pests to your households or commercials and factories. A warranty certificate, a certification issued under our Company as an assurance of the service carried out.
Service that listens to you, an approach made for who you are, how you live, and what you need. We will offer you with our very best solution of pest control and termites management plan. Feel free to approach our pest control service team for a FREE Evaluation and Quotation.

Our Pest Control Services includes:

General Pest Control

Rats (Rodents) Elimination with Chemical Rodenticides or Bait Station.
Ants Management System with Insecticides Treatment or Baiting.
Cockroaches Control System with Insecticides or Gel Baits.
Mosquitoes Knockdown with Fogging or Misting Method.
Houseflies Management System with Chemical Control or Toxic Baits.
Birds Control with Bird Gel / Liquid / Spike.

Termites Management

Drilling Method with our Pinhole™ System
Termites Spraying & Colony Management.
Xterm™ Termites Baiting System


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Pest Control Johor | Termite Treatment | Disinfection Services