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Termites are wood-eating, social insects. They evolved about 250 million years ago. There are more than 2,000 species of termites. Only about 70 species are frequent enough invaders of humans' wooden structures to be called pests. The most damaging are roughly 20 species we call "subterranean " termites because of their nesting and foraging habits. Two of these, the Eastern Subterranean Termites and the Western Subterranean Termites, are by far the most common, widest distributed and most damaging in Malaysia.

The Damage They Cause

Termites may be small, but they cause more damage every year than hurricanes and fires combined. These tiny tanks destroy houses and furniture every year. They eat the heart of the wood and make it paper-thin in places. This causes the item to break easily. In this way, homes and chairs crumble to the ground almost every day. They will infest a house or room every day and you will almost never see them do it. Their tiny armies invade the privacy of your home to destroy your most cherished possessions.

Every year millions of ringgit worth of property is lost to the destructive forces of termites. Termites feed on all wood products; from beams and frames to parquet, cupboards, even books and newspaper. If left untreated, all wooden structures and support will be weakened and eventually lead to the collapse of the building.

The smallest crack of 1/32 of an inch in cement walls or flooring would be large enough for an army of termites to pass through. Hence, thorough protection using and effective chemical (through professional pest control operators) is important to ensure complete exclusion of termites.

Termiticide is the approved product for property protection. It is used in more countries than others.
Copyright DIAMOND PEST CONTROL 2021. All Rights Reserved.   |   Your Termite Control Specialist