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These are some of our products aiming to meet your needs. Kindly contact us at 07-554 9555 or 012 708 9555 for further details and enquiries.


Makfor Q

Makfor® Q is a ready to use insecticidal bait for the rapid control of a variety of ants. It has a unique formulation that results in an odorless, non-staining, transparent, viscous liquid that is inconspicuous when used.


Premise Cockroach Bait

Premise® Cockroach Bait is a highly effective imidacloprid-based gel bait to control cockroaches without having to spray.



New generation, the most effective mini mosquito aerosol repellent. Adopted new technologies, Nano Micro-Technology & Slow Release Technology. With the new lifestyle concepts, a colorless, odorless, safety and most environmental friendly use mosquito repellent.


With just 4 push, the micro particles will spread around the room & may even reach inaccessible areas, such as under the bed or table. The micro-particle technology that makes the anti-mosquito agent last for 8 hours and effective for killing mosquitoes entering the room after several hours of applications.


Mosquito Home

Mosquito Home works by luring the Aedes mosquitoes to lay eggs within the station. This station contains ‘food’ that makes the internal environment unhealthy for the mosquito larvae, regulating its development and growth. Thus, new generation of Aedes will be successfully eliminated.


Professional Insect Light Trap System 
Model: Contro 45

Ideal for use in food production and preparation areas and provide outstanding protection from flying insects. The UV tubes provide stronger attraction power to flying insects compare to other system in the market. The extra large catch area dissolves the problem of limited catch capacity.


Model: Discreet 36 Fly Trap Unit 

This unique and decorative front cover hides the glue board and catches insects, providing discreet and environmentally friendly fly control, ideal for domestic and front-of-house applications. Ideal for use in restaurants, hotels, dining rooms, hospitals and all public areas where flying insect management should be hidden from view.


Model : Wall Light 30 Fly Trap System

This system has been designed specifically, unique and decorative front covers hide the glue board and those insects caught inside. The unique overhead designs fit discreetly and easily into wall mounted or existing suspended-ceilings. Front cover can be painted, wall papered, or decorated to match existing decor.


Fly Glue Trap / Sticky Pad

With the support of professional technologist, we have advanced technology to provide all size of adhesive glue board. Removable adhesive that is consistent with our environmental needs, it is none toxic, odorless, clean, not to hurt the material surface and easier to use.



It is our part to provide the ultimate pest protection at your satisfaction guarantee. We delivers
the best quality of work and satisfying results to customer. Let’s hear what our customers say about us.
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- arturient montes, Mr. Danny Tan
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Chuen Cheong food industries Sdn. Bhd. - Pest Control Johor
Chuen Cheong food industries Sdn. Bhd.
We have engaged to diamond pest control service for the past 3 years. We are
highly satisfied with the service and definitely willing to recommend them to the others.
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- QA executive, Serene Soh
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Kenkou Food Industries Sdn. Bhd. - Pest Control Johor
Kenkou Food Industries Sdn. Bhd.
We were extremely impressed with the quality of the service received. The sales
person and their biologist is knowledgeable and act fast whenever we contact them.
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- Asst Admin Manager, Yuri Lew
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Yicai Construction Sdn. Bhd. - Pest Control Johor
Yicai Construction Sdn. Bhd.
Diamond Pest is professional and trusted pest control company to us
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- Administor, Ms. Cheong Peck Yee
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