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Diamond Pest Control, the Leading Pest Control Expert

DIAMOND PEST CONTROL is a leading total pest solution services and professional termites management company in Malaysia. We are expert in providing the pest control services and exterminators solutions to all households, commercials and factories.

Diamond Pest Control is a licensed professional pest control services provider who has a track of proven records of bringing fast, reliable and effective services in getting rid of unwanted pests, insects and termites in Malaysia.

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A Member Of The Pest Control Association Of Malaysia - Pest Control Johor  

A Member Of The Pest Control Association Of Malaysia

Effective pest control management is a process, not a one-time event. Diamond Pest has a group of well-trained Professional Pest Control Experts to evaluate and solve your pest problems. Our team of experts is trained to identify your pest threats and risk areas. With a little time and a little knowledge, pests damages can be avoided and to put you at ease from unwanted pests to your households, commercials and factories.

Diamond Pest Controls adopt Environmentally Responsible method as well as compliant with Health and Safety industrial practices. We offer a fair reasonable quotation and effective and comprehensive pest management and risk evaluation with our guarantee that the job will be done right the first time.

The Defender & Healthcare Expert

Diamond Pest Control has a proven track record over the years is supported by its expertise, devoted and qualified staff to serve the clients better.
The Defender & Healthcare Expert - Pest Control Johor


Our Pest Control Service

With over more than 10 years of experience, we have the technical expertise to provide a complete range of products for the protection of your home. We constantly upgrade our staff’s knowledge and keep track with the latest up-to-date equipment’s for more quality work. We provide quality after sales service, research and development, highly trained personnel and general pest control services.

General Pest Control

  • Rats (Rodents) Elimination with Chemical Rodenticides or Bait Station.
  • Ants Management System with Insecticides Treatment or Baiting.
  • Cockroaches Control System with Insecticides or Gel Baits.
  • Mosquitoes Knockdown with Fogging or Misting Method.
  • Houseflies Management System with Chemical Control or Toxic Baits.
  • Birds Control with Bird Gel / Liquid / Spike.

Termites Management

  • Drilling Method with our Pinhole™ System
  • Spraying & Colony Management
  • Xterm™ Termite Baiting System
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Pest Control Johor | Termite Treatment | Disinfection Services