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Australian Cockroach

Australian Cockroach - Pest Control Johor

Up to 1-1/4 inches in length.
Reddish brown with yellow markings on the back half of its body.
This large cockroach closely resembles the American cockroach. The key characteristics are the yellow stripes on the outer edge of the front wings just behind the "shield."


The Australian cockroach is a pest of homes. This cockroach is a ready flier and travels easily from trees onto houses. It is commonly attracted to homes to feed on improperly maintained trash containers and pet food on patios and decks. Once by the house, these insects may then enter.


The Australian cockroach usually invades the attic or crawl space, where it finds conditions similar to that found within a tree hole (its natural habitat). Once populations grow large inside these sites, the cockroaches regularly venture down into the home. The occasional cockroach may wander into a home from harborage outside, but chronic infestations are most always associated with attic or crawl space populations.

Tips for Control

There are some things a property owner can do to help prevent drywood termite infestation.

  • Store wood and lumber away from the house.
  • Sealing cracks in the building's exterior is a prudent step to prevent pests from entering.s
  • Installing screening in all vents is important.
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