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Brown Banded Cockroach

Brown Banded Cockroach - Pest Control Johor

Adults are about 1/2-inch in length.
Male is dark brown. The female may have dark brown wings. Both sexes, however have the lighter-colored bands running across the wings directly behind the prothirax.
The female and male brown banded cockroaches do not look much alike. The male is long and thin, while the female is more oval in shape.


Like all cockroaches that invade buildings, this species prefers  to spend much of its time resting on cracks and voids. Most of its activity will occur at night when it feels safe to move about in search of food and water. The brown banded cockroach does not seem to require as much moisture as German cockroaches, and therefore may be found in room other than kitchens and bathrooms. Brown banded cockroaches are omnivorous and will not eat anything that possesses organic matter, even organic glues use in books and cabinets. 


Brown banded cockroaches are far less common than German cockroaches and are usually found in apartments, motels, and long-term care facilities. Like German cockroaches, these will be found in kitchens and bathrooms. However because brown banded cockroaches can survive in drier areas, they will also be found in bedrooms, living rooms, closets, bookcases,etc. This behavior can make the brown banded cockroach a bit more difficult to control. 

Tips for Control

Cockroaches require plenty of food, water, and shelter in order to thrive.Limiting any one of these necessities makes it more difficult for cockroach popluations to beccome established and escalate in size. The following steps are helpful in preventing and limiting cockroachinfestations:

  • Inspect all incoming food goods, boxes, and used furniture and appliances for the presence of cockroaches or their egg capsules. Remove any cockroaches or egg capsules using a vacuum or otherwise killing the insects.
  • In commercial facilirties, avoid storing food and items in cardboard boxes on shelves. Cardboard is a preferred harborage site for cockroaches.
  • In homes, do not store paper bags under the sink or elsewhere in the kitchen. Store bags in the garage or room other than the kitchen, utility room or bathrooms.
  • Seal holes or cracks around plumbing pipes under sinks, behind toilets, etc.
  • Regularly vacuum and clean floors under kitchen appliances.


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