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Tips from Pest Control experts

Tips No. 1:

Seal all the cracks in your home's exterior in order to keep away from pests like ants, spiders and cockroaches from getting inside.

Tips No. 2:

Ensure all doors and windows are properly sealed with tight-fitting screens and weather stripping.

Tips No. 3:

Don't leave uncovered food leaving unattended on dining tables, kitchen or any other areas. This will attract flies that will land on it and spread harmful bacteria.

Tips No. 4:

Consider to store your clothing in plastic boxes or pouches with cover to prevent fabric pests from getting to them.

Tips No. 5:

Ensure the attic and crawlspaces have sufficient ventilation. Research has shown that proper ventilation creates an environment unsuitable for cockroaches and other pests. By doing this, it also improves the heating and cooling efficiency of the home.

Tips No. 6:

Do not leave the pet food leaving unattended overnight, does it matter inside or outside to prevent attractions of pests.

Tips No. 7:

Remove any piles of debris, stones, bricks, etc., around your home. They serve as a harborage for pests, especially rodents.

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