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Diamond Pest Control, our Principles

Successful people are guided by a set of constant principles and they make decisions that are in harmony with these principles. Their decisions, therefore, are as solid as their principles.

Every company speaks for its own principles. For Diamond Pest Control, we are able to understand the client’s needs, provide them with best options, and chain our people to the problem until they deliver the solutions.

Diamond Pest Control Sdn. Bhd. is an active member of The Pest Control Association of Malaysia and is registered with the Ministry of Finance. With the sole mission of providing service excellence to our clients through comprehensive work encompassing both quality and health consciousness. Learn more about our Licenses.


We are a dedicated Pest Management company, a driving force in delivering excellence and quality to our clients and along with our associates as well as being backed by an assertive workforce; we hold our principles of giving the clients our best services.

We communicate effectively. Not just among us alone but also with our clients; especially. We forewarn them of all possible risks and advise them on the right strategy to take, for the sake of lucrative and rewarding results, of course. We do what’s right, work as a team and we see ourselves as partners, working hand in hand with you.

Our Pledge to You

It is hard work, which is at the heart of success in any field of endeavour and in order for one to have the tome to engage in quality work, one must learn to work effectively.

We at Diamond Pest Control are proud of the fact that we are a leading Pest Management Servicing company in Malaysia. This means, the people that drive our quality are chosen for their eye for perfection, even our partners and suppliers are selected for their service excellence.


Our clients know the value of service and responsibilities. They demand quality work to their household and expect responsibilities from us and we take great pride in generating the solutions to problems old and new.

We go great lengths to ensure that whatever we do follow these guidelines.

Responsibility leads us.

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Pest Control Johor | Termite Treatment | Disinfection Services