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It can be stated, most confidently, that the mosquito is the bane of man’s existence when it comes to human and animal relations. No other creature has caused mankind so much annoyance, grief and disaster than this blood-feeding pest. The mosquito not only takes our blood in order to provide nutrients to make eggs, which is an annoyance resulting in minor pain and itching, but it can leave behind serious health threats such as viruses, protozoan, and other disease-causing pathogens.

Only the female mosquito bites; male mosquitoes feed on the nectar in flowers. When a mosquito bites, she injects an anticoagulation agent into the skin to prevent the blood from clotting and allowing her to feed. It is the body’s immune response to the anticoagulant that causes the reddened welts and itching.

House mosquito larvae breed in standing water that remains fairly calm and undisturbed. Often, mosquito outbreaks occur within two weeks of heavy rainfall where ditches, puddles and other low-lying areas fill up with water. Mosquitoes that attack people in their own yard are usually breeding close by on the property or on adjacent properties. Most mosquitoes found around homes are known as “tree hole” or “container” mosquitoes.

Service Provided

Complete control or elimination of house mosquitoes around any property is not possible. Mosquito reduction, however, is very possible and involves a number of components.
  • Chemical Control
    The use of insecticides, either directed at the adults or larvae, has been the mainstay for the control of mosquitoes. Currently, the trend in insecticide development is towards improved efficacy against mosquitoes and a reduction in adverse environmental impact as well as safety of the user, in other words a more effective but less hazardous insecticides. Insecticides used as space spray formulations, both thermal fogging and ultra low volume, against Aedes mosquitoes in the control of dengue fever.
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