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Houseflies are commonly found in close association with human dwellings and are widely distributed in tropical countries. This species is always found everywhere that man exists and has adapted itself extremely well to man’s environment. Flies can have a negative psychological impact because their presence is considered a sign of unhygienic conditions. They are transmitters of diseases primarily because they feed on human and animal wastes. The bacteria present in these wastes, stick to the mouth, footpads and hairs of flies and may then be deposited on food or feed for human or animal consumption.

This species has sponging mouthparts so it cannot eat solid food. It regurgitates digestive fluids onto its food and then sponges up its digested liquid meal.

Any building can be plagued by houseflies, but those located near farms and pastures are likely to experience more flies than other structures. Houseflies rarely breed indoors, but if they do, the site is usually a trash container that hasn’t been cleaned for a while or possibly rotting vegetables or fruit in a box in a restaurant storeroom or kitchen.

Service Provided

In most cases involving houseflies around homes, the ways to them are Sanitation (Eliminate all sources of attraction) and Exclusion (Keep out flies by the use of window and door screens). For long-term relief of fly problems, engage in professional services like Diamond Pest Control.
  • Non-Chemical Measures
    The use of devices such as ultraviolet – light traps, sticky fly traps and baited flytraps can eliminate many flies in indoor situation.
  • Chemical Control
    Insecticide baits can be used to aid in house – fly control. The baits should be distributed where flies congregate inside and outside buildings. However, the baits must be out of reach from children and animals. Space sprays are insecticides with excellent fly knockdown properties, applied using mist blowers, fogging and / or ultra low volume (ULV) foggers.


Pest Control Johor | Termite Treatment | Disinfection Services